I have a problem.

My eyes keep leaking during photo shoots. If you wear mascara, then it's not a good look.

I'm a mascara girl. Through and through. I actually have pretty nice lashes. . . except they are pretty much invisible. So mascara has always been in my life. Which means I have to find mascara that, at the end of a photo shoot, won't make me look like my boyfriend just broke up with me.

So I'm inviting you on my journey to find the best mascara for photo shoots. Of course this will also come in handy if you bike, swim, or do anything demanding of mascara.

I'll update this periodically when I try a new mascara and won't stop until I'm fully satisfied.

Maybelline Volum' Express Snapscara Waterproof Mascara

On my first attempt to find the best waterproof mascara on the market, I walked into Shoppers Drug Mart and started browsing the expensive makeup. I thought I would have to pay a pretty penny for the best. But when I explained my plight to the salesperson, she explained that a lot of higher end makeup companies don't produce waterproof mascara and walked me right over to the Maybelline. She picked out Volum' Express Waterproof Snapscara. Although I was thrilled to save some $$$, I felt only cautious optimism.

Performance Details

The absolute best part of this is that it comes off SO easily. On the first day I tried it, I hopped in the shower and it just slid right off. No need to use makeup remover or anything. It just came off in these weird little clumps.

Instantly I clued in. Snapscara. It just snaps off. Awesome!

But. And this is ki-i-i-i-ind of important. This is also what makes it a less desirable waterproof mascara. It - um - comes off in water. Photography in the rain is out. Biking in the rain is out. Swimming is definitely out.

But how would it perform with my leaky eyes during a shoot?

Full honesty: it was a disappointment. Some of it came off in visible clumps as I feared it would. And my eyes didn't even leak that much. It also smeared a little on the top of my lids. It wasn't the worst I've ever experienced, but not at all what I had hoped.

Another turnoff is that it's kind of sticky. When you squint, the top and bottom lashes sort of hold on to each other a little longer than normal, kind of like an awkward, lingering hug after coming out of self isolation.

The Verdict

I don't think Maybelline's Snapscara meets my rigorous needs as a photographer. I need something durable and indestructible. This is not that. Also, this is not waterproof! At all.

But because it comes off so easily, I've been wearing it as a daily mascara. It's nice that makeup remover and scrubbing the living daylights out of my eyes isn't necessary. So if that's all you need, then give it a go. Your eyelashes will be thankful and there's nothing to lose since it's so cheap (I think I bought it for around $15 CAD).

Come take a look!

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