I'm so glad you found my website and blog. I'm penning this introduction so you can get a sense of my journey and how I came to start Laurie Neale Photography.

Last year I reconnected with an old friend (Martina S.) that I hadn't seen or talked to in around ten years. As we caught up, I explained to her what I do for work now (I'm a Medical Laboratory Technologist). With her usual directness, she exclaimed, "I'm shocked, Laurie. You were always so artsy."

It confirmed some things that had been coming up for me. Namely, I've been trying to reconnect with the emotional, artistic side of myself that I sent packing a few years back.

A New Start

The last few years had broken me down. I experienced heartbreak and betrayal like I never had before, although I had always feared it was coming for me. But even before that betrayal, I betrayed myself. I hid who I was so I could be "loved." I banished my emotional self and embraced science and logic to fit into a relationship, believing the two could not co-exist.

I am slowly emerging from my self-made prison. I have developed some excellent skills as I pursued science, but now is the time to listen. What I'm hearing is that this isn't all there is to life. I'm hearing that I can be more than one thing, I can be a beautiful mosaic. I can be both emotional and logical. Artistic and scientific.

One thing I know for sure now; it's essential to feel things. All the things. Let the bad feel bad, so the good can feel good.

I fell in love with portrait photography around 15 years ago, yet for some reason I hesitated to take the plunge. It had a fake, artificial side that left me unfulfilled. What was the end goal? Some pretty pictures? I couldn't commit to it without a greater sense of purpose.

The Light Signature Portrait

But last year I realized I can reinvent that. Something started flowing through me. What was first an idea quickly became all consuming. It was the birth of the type of portrait session I call the Light Signature. These portrait sessions are not only about the end product. They are about digging into you. Discovering, dusting off, and illuminating those things that are authentically you, and then re-creating your journey through imagery. My intake sessions are specially designed to plumb the depths of who you are so that we can tell that story together.

Welcome to Laurie Neale Photography.