COVID-19 Policy

As a studio portrait photographer, it's a priority of mine to keep you, your family, and our community safe from COVID-19. I have developed the below COVID-19 policy after consulting government resources and assessing COVID-19 related hazards:

  • Contact Tracing

    • I maintain a database of sessions that includes the duration of the shoot and all relevant contact information. This information may be sent to the health authority if a COVID-19 exposure occurs.

  • Exposure Control

    • When case loads are high, I limit indoor/studio shoots to one hour.

    • Intake meetings are performed via phone or video chat.

    • For indoor/studio shoots clients must fill out a questionnaire form regarding symptoms, travel, and exposure risks.

  • Hygiene ​

    • Clients must use sanitizer upon entry to the studio.

    • I sanitize the studio after each client​.

  • Personal Protective Equipment​

    • When indoors, I wear a mask at all times.

    • When indoors, clients must wear masks except when being photographed.

    • When outdoors, if I am closer than 6 feet (2 meters) I will wear a mask.

    • Clients are not required to wear a mask outdoors.

  • Physical Distancing

    • Although being closer than 2 meters is not always achievable, I will maintain as much physical distance as possible.

    • Limit indoor capacity when case loads are high.​​​

  • Rebooking ​

    • If a client has symptoms and cannot make the session, no rebooking fee will be charged. Only one rebooking per client due to COVID-19 is allowed. ​

  • Vaccination Status​

    • I am double vaccinated​.

    • I do not require clients to be vaccinated, but I encourage those who are not vaccinated to opt for outdoor photo shoots.

  • Ventilation

    • Windows are kept open during indoor shoots.​

    • A HEPA air filter will run during indoor shoots.

This policy is subject to change as new mandates are released: