My Passion

I live to make people feel their best. When people tell me they are not photogenic (9 out of 10 say this), I think, “it's on, challenge accepted.” I believe every person is unique and attractive––to their core––and my job is to make them see their beauty. Our society often sends the message that beauty is only external, ignoring that confidence, strength, and self-acceptance are part of the equation. It is our essence that is most important, and it radiates outward. Have you ever been in the presence of someone who doesn't have model looks but is SO attractive? That is their essence shining through. You have it too and that's what I aspire to capture as a photographer.


At seventeen, I picked up photography as a hobby and quickly fell in love. Almost two decades later, I took the plunge from hobbyist to professional. I love the limitless potential of photography. I shoot outdoor (natural light) and studio photography, and my number one goal is to make my clients’ visions come alive. From chiaroscuro (low key or dramatic) to light and airy (high key), I shoot to make my clients happy.

Hi, I'm Laurie!

My Values

I experience my clients as individuals on a path to self-discovery and growth. Each session is an opportunity to realize your unique beauty and potential. Here are some of my values and how I strive to uphold them:


I am committed to growth as a photographer. I believe excellence is a journey, not a destination. Pushing my technical and creative boundaries is something I do on the regular.


I don't see photography as just pictures. Photography is a vehicle for self-discovery, which leads to growth and transformation. It captures and celebrates your essence––that magical recipe that is YOU.


I love seeing the potential in the world around me. My creative process involves diving into who you are and how to portray you photographically. Together, we discover the perfect creative solution to meet your needs.

Client Focus

My clients are at the core of what I do. I want you to walk away with photos you will love to share. I include an intake form as an integral part of my process. Understanding your wants and needs is paramount.

My Process

Below is a general snapshot of my process.

You will be asked to fill out a booking questionnaire on my website. After reviewing the booking request, I will contact you to confirm and/or discuss changes to the request. A non-refundable booking deposit is required at this time.

After the booking has been confirmed, we will meet by phone for a comprehensive intake interview so I can better understand your vision. Topics will include location, lighting setups, desired mood, wardrobe, and the artistic style of the shoot. Interviews up to an hour, depending on the package selected.

After the intake, I summarize the discussion in the contract and send it to you for approval. Remaining fees are collected the day of the shoot (the invoice will be sent to you after the deposit has been processed).

Editing the photos generally takes between 2-4 weeks, but a more accurate estimate will be provided during our intake conversation and be written into the contract. At delivery, you will be provided with options to buy prints, products, additional edits, and more.


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