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Capturing Memories in a New Light: My Updated Photography Editing Style

For a few years now I've dabbled in a lot of different photography editing styles. It's been tough for me to stick to one that I feel is "me" because there's so much out there and I love to experiment.

My editing style is a bit like my life, I love me a bit of everything. But I've been slowly honing who I am as a person this last year, and it's brought out a photography style that is warm, vibrant, and romantic. This is a pretty big departure from my light and airy style of the last few years, which has a much brighter, summery feel.

I'm dubbing this updated photography editing style Honey Glow. It features warm, creamy skin tones along with vibrant, sun-soaked backgrounds. It's sure to warm your heart and enhance those honey sweet memories. Of course I can still edit in my other styles, but I won't be featuring them on my website and you'll have to specifically request a different style when booking a session.

Let me know what you think of this new style!


Photo of Laurie Neale

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