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Lighthouses fascinate me. They are imbued with the metaphorical, telling the tale of structures that beacon us from the foggy morass that chills to the bone. You've been at sea for longer than you can remember, and then you see the light promising safety as you stumble through the mysterious haze we call life. It's a symbol of hope for the weary. Hang this in your home, office, or business to remind yourself to look for the light in your darkest hour. 


For superior color and longevity, photos are printed on archival-quality, silver halide photopaper with a lustre finish. For information on sizing, mounting, and laminating, please see the info sections under the cart button.

Mysterious Light, Cape Forchu, NS

  • Sizes & Aspect Ratios

    Listed sizes are based on a 2:3 aspect ratio. If the size and/or aspect ratio you want is not listed, please contact me directly for a custom order.

  • Mounting

    Please note that sizes above 10x15 require mounting to preserve quality. Larger prints sag and wrinkle when not mounted.

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