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Business Updates and Announcements

Hi all! It's been some time! I've been off on maternity leave for the last year and before that taking a sabbatical during pregnancy, but I'm getting back into it so it's time for a business update. The last year and a half have been incredibly challenging but not without its rewards, the #1 reward being my sweet daughter who is fast approaching one whole year old. ALREADY?!?

A portrait of my daughter in a purple dress
Little Miss Frankie

With some fairly serious health troubles after I gave birth, I haven't been behind the lens much, certainly not in a professional capacity. In some ways I'm thankful because taking this break has allowed me to refocus and reflect on what I enjoy most about photography.

Seeing my own child grow has given me an even greater appreciation of family photography. Having beautiful images full of emotion and connection that transport us back to those precious years that fly away so fast is incredibly important.

Photo of me with my family
Collab shot with my sister, Rachel

Moving forward I plan to start a referral program to get the ball rolling on this business that so far I've kept fairly small. So keep your eye out for that!

I also plan to expand into newborn photography; a passion that I discovered while my own daughter was a newborn. I will offer both studio and in-home sessions. If there's anything I learned being a new mother, it's that it's incredibly hard to leave the house those first few weeks. Posing will be basic (no froggy, sorry) to keep it safe, and I'll be building up my backgrounds and props, so expect discounted sessions as I muck my way through all that. Update blog coming sometime soon!

As for headshots, I have dissolved my downstairs studio and will work out of my living room. I can still offer shots from the waist up, however full body shots will not be possible.

Lots of developments, lots of excitement over here, so keep your ear to the ground!


Photo of Laurie Neale

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