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Upcoming Maternity Leave

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

I've just entered my third trimester, and it's been a real struggle deciding when to take maternity leave! Thankfully, this pregnancy is beautifully timed during quiet season.

I will stop taking all outdoor sessions as of October 17th, but will continue to offer studio headshots until November 18th. I will resume all sessions sometime in April, exact date TBD.

During my leave, I'll be working behind the scenes writing blogs, bombarding my newborn with photo sessions, streamlining my services, and working on passion projects.

Outdoor sessions end October 17th, studio headshots end November 18th.

If you want a studio headshot session during my leave, I may be able to squeeze you in. Feel free to contact me and I'll consider it on a case by case basis!

And don't be shy to contact me regarding dates around and after April! I will still be answering emails and enquiries!



Photo of Laurie Neale

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